Wild Ideas

Wild Ideas is a not-for-profit group which exists to support community environmental activity. We work with you to deliver at no cost to your organisation, so get in touch and see how we can help.

Connecting communities with our natural environmentDo you have an idea for a project?

Don’t let a lack of funding or project management stop you from doing it – that’s why we’re here.

We make your projects happen at no cost to you

The Wild Ideas team give schools, charities, groups and voluntary and community organisations the support they need to make a difference to local lives and issues.

We support and deliver projects and learning to create healthier, greener communities and to bring people into contact with nature: in schools, in work and in our open spaces.

See some of the projects we have delivered here…

We all know the benefits of nature for positive physical and mental health and we can help to make your nature, youth and well-being projects come to life.