Ecology and Habitat Services

Wild Ideas’s ecology team offer a high-quality ecological service based on our team’s recognised technical expertise and decades of experience within the profession.  We bring high standards of technical skill, knowledge, communication and customer care. 

Our Services

Wild Ideas offer a range of ecological and conservation services, covering a broad range of disciplines.

Our ecology team provide a wide scope of surveys, including bat and bird surveys,  botanical/habitat surveys (Phase 1 Habitat, Extended Phase 1, National Vegetation Classification, hedges),  and rare plants and bryophytes. We offer ecological assessments to support development planning, planning applications, and ecological mitigation.

Ecological Surveys:


Protected species

Other notable species

Wildlife corridors

Ecological Assessments:

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals

Ecological Impact Assessment

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Biodiversity Audits

Mitigation and Conservation

Habitat creation and enhancement

Species mitigation

Species licence applications

Site Management Plans

Biodiversity Action Plans