Ecology and Habitat Services

Wild Ideas offer a range of ecological and conservation services, covering a broad range of disciplines.

Our ecology team provide a wide scope of surveys, including bat and bird surveys,  botanical/habitat surveys (Phase 1 Habitat, Extended Phase 1, National Vegetation Classfication, hedges),  and rare plants and bryophytes. We offer ecological assessments to support development planning, planning applications, and ecological mitigation.

OpenSpace Cumbria Limited has carried out numerous initial Scoping Surveys for Protected Species, Priority Species and Species of Conservation Interest. The primary aims when conducting such surveys are for supporting planning applications and habitat monitoring to verify regulatory compliance.

Armed with your planning application and the desired outcome, our team of qualified specialists will carry out a baseline walkover survey. This is to examine the nature conservation resource present in the context of the development’s initial footprint, and highlight possible impacts. Furthermore we will supply information for mitigation and habitat enhancement consideration.

Scoping & Species Surveys