Ecology and Habitat Services

Wild Ideas offer a range of ecological and conservation services, covering a broad range of disciplines.

Our ecology team provide a wide scope of surveys, including bat and bird surveys,  botanical/habitat surveys (Phase 1 Habitat, Extended Phase 1, National Vegetation Classfication, hedges),  and rare plants and bryophytes. We offer ecological assessments to support development planning, planning applications, and ecological mitigation.


  • Species surveys including birds, plants, invertebrates and mammals
  • Habitat planning and species/habitat strategies
  • Habitat management and creation advice and support
  • Practical conservation activity (habitat creation, access, etc)
  • Surveys and reporting
  • Scoping & Species Surveys

Habitat Surveys & Assessment

Habitat surveys encompass a wide variety of survey types and requirements including the following:

  • Phase 1 habitat survey and Extended Phase 1
  • NVC survey for a proposed construction
  • NVC survey to assess habitats for a management plan
  • Site Condition Monitoring / Common Standards Monitoring of statutory sites to assess  the condition of the feature of interest and whether certain targets are being met.

In the case of surveys for proposed developments, such as Phase 1 Habitat surveys, it is best to undertake this at the earliest possible stage to avoid delays and costs at a later stage of development. Surveys of this kind are often key to a development plan being accepted.

The Wild Ideas team have the expertise and capabilities to undertake all your habitat survey and assessment needs. We would be delighted to hear about any relevant enquiries you have, please call the team on 07871 343872 or email