How to Make a Bug Hotel!

Produce the perfect stack of habitats in your own garden to attract useful and interesting invertebrates. And perhaps a hedgehog!

In the UK, an average garden is home to more than 2,000 species of insect. Many of these insects are useful to the hobbyist gardener, controlling those pesky bugs that can cause damage to our cherished plant life.

Chocolate mining bee (Andrena scotica ) – male

By producing the appropriate habitat we can influence the number of these useful insects we entice into our gardens year round!

One such way to increase the buzz in your garden is to build a bug hotel.

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Pond Life in the UK

What are ponds?

Ponds are a familiar feature of the British countryside and for many of us a beautiful garden feature that attracts wildlife into otherwise urban areas.

A pond is defined as a body of water (often fresh), that can vary in size and can be either naturally or artificially formed. Some ponds can be as small as 1 meter wide, whereas others expand to the size of multiple football fields!

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Nut Hunt Answers

In our blog post yesterday, we asked you to match up the evidence with the correct kind of nut, and the type of animal that had nibbled it!

We have now revealed the answers to this puzzle. How many did you get?