Terms of Service Provision

Applicable to all contracts undertaken by Wild Ideas U.K. CiC

Registered Address: 177 Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth TQ14 9DQ

Registered in England and Wales: 13337618

Telephone: 07786 444816

Email: hello@wild-ideas.org.uk


  1. “Wild Ideas” is Wild Ideas U.K. CiC as registered (Company No. 13337618) 
  2. “Client” is the Company, firm, person, Corporation or public authority taking/requesting the services of Wild Ideas. 
  3. “Working Day” comprises 7 hours, unless otherwise specified in the contract 
  4. “Working week” is the period from 0900hrs on Monday to 1700hrs on Friday. 
  5. “Works” any task, project or service undertaken or provided by Wild Ideas 


  1. The commissioning of Wild Ideas to carry out work by acceptance by the client of any tender or quotation supplied or acceptance by Wild Ideas of any purchase order supplied by the client includes acceptance of these standard terms and conditions of trading. 
  2. No work will be booked into the Wild Ideas work schedule nor undertaken until the quoted costs and all terms and conditions have been accepted in writing. 


  1. Surveys will be undertaken on the basis that the site is in a safe condition. If at any time Wild Ideas personnel or sub-contractors feel it is unsafe to proceed, work will be terminated until the site can be made safe. 


  1. All work will be subject to risk assessment. 


  1. Where a continued presence on site is required (e.g. supervision or delivery of ongoing work.), adequate toilet and hand-washing facilities must be provided or made available. 


  1. The Client shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary licences, permissions and consents to enable access to site(s) by Wild Ideas personnel which will be free and unhindered at all times. Should the necessary consents not be obtained, and in consequence Wild Ideas is unable to obtain access, including during the hours of darkness for work involving nocturnal species, this fact will be noted and reported back to the Client, who will be responsible for any costs involved.
  2. Requirements to notify Clients’ site staff or their agents in advance of site visits can only be honoured if written instructions are received by Wild Ideas at the times of commissioning the work.
  3. The Client is responsible for arranging access to sites outside of their ownership if this is a prerequisite of any work commissioned of Wild Ideas. 
  4. Clients must ensure that a base map showing complete and accurate site boundaries and means of access is provided at time of commissioning. Wild Ideas will make a supplementary charge for any additional base maps which have to be obtained. 


  1. Wild Ideas reserves the right to allocate all personnel to contracts. 
  2. Names of staff, qualifications and relevant experience can be provided on request. 
  3. Personnel may be changed at any time if circumstances require. This includes work undertaken by sub-contracted personnel where additional specialist expertise is needed for the satisfactory completion of a contract. 


  1. Wild Ideas undertakes all surveys on the understanding that nothing in the final report will be omitted or misrepresented. 
  2. Wild Ideas operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct as set out by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. 


  1. Wild Ideas is not VAT registered all quoted costs will not be subject to additional VAT charges.
  2. Costs are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation. 
  3. Any additional meetings or other work that may be required will be charged at the Wild Ideas’s standard hourly rate per half-hour or part thereof. 
  4. Any works undertaken outside of the normal working day will be charged at one and half times the standard hourly rate, unless otherwise stated.
  5. Any works undertaken outside of the normal working week will be charged at twice the standard hourly rate, unless otherwise stated. 
  6. Unless otherwise stated, travel to and from site is included. 
  7. Rates are reviewed at the start of the calendar year. Revised rates may therefore apply to work that has been quoted for in one calendar year but is not undertaken until the following calendar year, unless agreed otherwise. 
  8. Costs are based on the understanding that appropriate base maps, both in hard copy and suitable electronic format, will be supplied free of charge, together with any copyright permissions needed for their use. If the necessary base maps are not supplied, these will be purchased and the purchase price will be passed onto the client at cost. 
  9. Wild Ideas standard hourly rates: £60.00 Director, £50.00 Senior Consultant, £40.00 Ecologist, £35.00 Assistant Ecologist, £25.00 Graduate Ecologist. 
  10. Travelling expenses, subsistence and all other contingencies are not included within the hourly rate. Subsistence is area dependant but typically charged between £50.00 to £150.00 per night and mileage is charged at £ 0.50 per mile. 


  1. Where “All-In” rates are to be charged by agreement, this will be stated in the initial quotation of works supplied by Wild Ideas to the Client. 
  2. “All-In” rates will be charged at the price stated, provided there has been no variation of the works requested. Any variation will be charged at the discretion of Wild Ideas and will be charged in accordance with Standard Terms and Conditions Clause 9. 


  1. Works requiring less than 30 days (nett) for completion will be invoiced on completion of works contracted. 
  2. Works requiring greater than 30 days (nett) for completion will be invoiced monthly in arrears on a work done basis. 
  3. Final reports will not be provided and licence applications will not be submitted until full and final payment has been received. 
  4. Wild Ideas will claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if not paid according to agreed terms at 8.5% per annum of any outstanding debt.


  1. Should it become apparent that during the course of a contract that amendments to instructions are required, Wild Ideas shall undertake to inform Clients in order to agree changes before proceeding.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, charges for any additional work shall be based on the rates given in the original contract quotation and in accordance with clause 9 (i) to (x). 
  3. Reduction of fees, resulting from a reduction in the contracted work shall be at the discretion of Wild Ideas depending upon the commitments of staffing, equipment and other resources already made. 


  1. Wild Ideas reserves the right to cancel the contract upon notice in writing to the Client before commencement or otherwise due to prejudicial conditions or force majeure. Under such circumstances Wild Ideas shall be entitled to be paid all outstanding fees. 
  2. Any cancellation by the Client during the course of executing the contract or the prevention of access to the site due to any act or omission on the part of the client shall result in the full contract price becoming due immediately. 


  1. Wild Ideas does not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Client as a result of disclosure of information regarding a site, or project, unless advised in writing that information is reported as confidential. 
  2. Wild Ideas shall not be held responsible for omissions, mistakes or errors in work or for any other eventuality arising out of unreasonable or unforeseen circumstances.


  1. Wild Ideas will provide an electronic copy of the final report, unless stated in the clients’ brief. Reports of this format will be freely available. 
  2. Hardcopies will be charged at £20.00 per copy, subject to complexity and time involved in publishing. 


  1. Not all licence applications are successful. Wild Ideas make no guarantee that an application will be successful and deem a satisfactory completion of work to mean the submission of the licence to the correct authority (e.g. Natural England). 


  1. The title of all material produced or developed by Wild Ideas or its personnel remain the sole property of Wild Ideas. Copyright to all Wild Ideas’s written or recorded work howsoever held on whatever medium is vested in Wild Ideas, notwithstanding payment in full of all sums due to Wild Ideas and or its contractors in respect of it.
  2. Wild Ideas retains the right to use commissioned work within its portfolio and display this to potential clients. Unless the client specifies to the contrary, records of the presence of species noted on site will be passed to the county records centre. 


  1. Details of individual clients will be kept strictly confidential, if requested in writing. 
  2. Wild Ideas may use client names and locations within Wild Ideas’s promotional material. Any further details about the client shall only be disclosed by written agreement if confidentiality has been requested. 


  1. No variation to these Terms and Conditions of Trading shall be accepted by Wild Ideas unless agreed in writing by a Director of the Company prior to the commencement of any works.