Training reviews

What people say about our training

We pride ourselves on delivering training which is accessible and enjoyable.  Here are some of our favourites and also those which we have used to improve our delivery.

The ones that made us smile a lot….


“There was a really fun atmosphere and lots of info was covered. A really informative session, thanks” – May 2019


“Very interesting, I feel much more confident after the course” – July 2019


“I really liked going out to see the bats and practising giving facts about the species we saw” – July 2019


“The workshop was brilliantly run and very informative” – May 2019


“Great teacher! Engaging, informative,helpful, funny.
Lots of useful info and links to other sites. We got lots of stuff to take away. The thing I liked most about the workshop was that Debs asked what we wanted from the workshop and tailored delivery to make sure it met our needs.
” – September 2018



Very informative but not too ‘serious’. A really friendly, approachable leader and group.” – September 2018


“Very good site choice and friendly atmosphere, it was a pleasure to participate..” – August 2018


You said, we did…..


“Struggling to think of any because it was run really well, It could be a nice idea to have a certificate of participation at the end of the course.” – August 2018

*We now offer a certificate of participation for our courses, detailing the session name and activities undertaken.

Anon (2)

“Zoo as a venue – they do conservation work, but are also about captivity – controversial….” – August 2018

“Great teacher! Engaging, informative,helpful, funny. Unsure of location (not altogether comfortable with zoos)..” – August 2018

*We will continue to work with other conservation organisations, but endeavour to offer a range of venues for our training sessions.