Wild Ways to Wellbeing

The benefits of spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life are well documented. Nature can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing.

We also know that it can be difficult to motivate yourself to step outside and enjoy our natural spaces. Our Wild Ways to Wellbeing programme brings you together with others who want a little extra support and is designed to:

    • improve your mood
    • reduce feelings of stress or anger
    • help you take time out and feel more relaxed
    • improve your physical health
    • improve your confidence and self-esteem
    • help you be more active
    • help you make new connections
    • provide peer support.
How can we help you to get started?

Join our Nature Art programme to engage your creative side and be inspired by our beautiful natural surroundings

There are no rules in the creation of nature art. Join us in an exploration of local natural spaces and create your own art. Collect materials as we go to create your own artwork, sketch, photograph and immerse yourself in nature.


Our Naturally Mindful programme will help to improve health and wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation in nature.

Our Naturally Mindful programme is a series of six sessions of around two hours designed to increase health and wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation in nature.