Art and Mind

Our Programme Co-ordinator, Debs, is currently developing our ‘Art and Mind’ project; a crafting for wellbeing programme for anyone living with poor wellbeing, mental health and anyone who wants to feel brighter, creative and sociable.

Our arts workshops will provide friendly, fortnightly art workshops for people experiencing depression, anxiety and/or other mental health problems. They will offer the chance to experience working with a wide range of materials and techniques, including felt work, clay modelling, crochet, paper art and more.

These sessions are not ‘art therapy’ but do provide a therapeutic outlet, with the opportunity to work on something creative, stimulating and absorbing, with the aim of feeling positive. Sessions will be supported by a worker experienced in working with people with poor mental health, providing a safe and secure atmosphere in which to be able to speak openly, while experiencing the calming and fun atmosphere of a craft workshop.

Consultation was undertaken with the help of Teignmouth Oracle, on the need for such a group. With the increased pressure on the Depression and Anxiety Service, support is increasingly difficult to access, with large numbers of people who ‘do not meet the threshold’ for their support. In order to counter this, community action is necessary to provide support to those in need.


How can you help?

We need crafting materials and tools for participants to use, as well as funding for room hire to get us started.

Once numbers increase, we hope that a small cover charge will carry the costs of room hire and tea and coffee for these session.

You can make a donation on our crowdfunding page or contact us if you have tools or materials you would like to donate.


GoFundMe page