Botanical Societies

 Name Description
Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland A scientific society for the study of flora, plant distribution and taxonomy relating to Great BritainIreland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
The British Lichen Society The BLS aims to promote and advance the teaching and study of lichens and encourage and actively support the conservation of lichens and their habitats.
British Bryological Society The British Bryological Society exists to promote the study of mosses and liverworts.
 Fossil Plants A fascinating web site about a garden run by Robbie Blackhall-Miles in North Wales that specialises in growing plants that have a fossil record of at least 60 million years.
The Linnean Society of London The world’s premier society for the study and dissemination of taxonomy and natural history.
Royal Horticultural Society The UK’s leading gardening charity.
Systematics Association The Systematics Association is committed to furthering all aspects of systematic biology.