Getting Started

Geting started


All groups are different with a variety of ideas for their local park and your Programme Co-ordinator for Communities, Debs, is here to help you to get started.  Contact Debs here.

What can we do?

Most groups get involved in some kind of fundraising… This could be through events in or out of parks, individual fundraising activity or grants.

Although parks services are generally run by the local council, friends groups usually have a vision or ideas of extras they would like: resources which would improve the park or green space and add to the enjoyment of those using it… This might include improved aspects such as signage, extra equipment, nature projects or education resources.

Friends groups may provide practical activity, such as gardening or hosting or supporting events in their local park, holding community consultation, working with other local organisations and projects, such as play or conservation organisations to develop exciting new programmes of work.

You can get as involved as you like!

We will help you to do a bit of research…

  • Is there already a group which covers your park? Would your friends and neighbours like to get involved?
  • How close is your nearest existing friends group? Get in touch with them via your Programme Co-ordinator, Debs, as they will be able to help you.
  • If possible, attend one of their events or meetings and chat with the coordinator and other members to get some tips.

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