Manual Handling

Generic Risk Assessment Assessment: Manual Handling

Scope: [Activity Name]

Typical groups at risk

Volunteers; other site users; general public

Typical uncontrolled outcomes

Cuts and sprains; puncture wounds; strained back; crush injuries; Toxocariasis; Toxoplasmosis; Phytophotodermatitis


Lifting, carrying, posture, stooping, twisting, repetitive activities

Lifting at height

Lifting heavy or awkward to carry materials or equipment

Risks of musculoskeletal disorders, fractures, contusions and other related abrasions. Risk to group members and others as a result of poor handling techniques


Manual handling information and advice should be provided to all individuals who carry out frequent handling activities. Employees should avoid, wherever possible, stooping, twisting, over reaching and bending when moving heavy materials and equipment.

Storage height of materials should be solid and secure. They must not exceed waist height.

Where possible heavy tools should be stored as close as possible to their point of use.

Any participant should not lift, carry or move any object which is beyond their capabilities and should ask for assistance in these occurrences.

Some materials or tools are likely to be too difficult and awkward for single person to relocate. Team lifting should be carried out for heavy or unwieldy items.

Awkward lifting to be supervised and supported

PPE Safety shoes or boots
Items needed will vary according to the task.

Background Information:

HSE Manual Handling Guidance