Running events

Generic Risk Assessment Assessment: Events (generic)

Scope: [Name of Event]

Volunteer’s Dogs: Dogs should only be brought to sites where they will not disturb wildlife and other livestock and where it is acceptable to the management and other users of the site. Dogs are brought at the owner’s own risk, the group cannot accept any responsibility for their wellbeing.
Typical uncontrolled outcomes

Crush injuries; back strains; minor cuts and bruises; abuse of trust; distressed children and adults; verbal abuse; sickness and diarrhoea

Typical groups at risk Volunteers; other site users; general public

Contact with moving vehicles in car parking areas

Display collapse

Slips, trips and falls

Children and young people becoming separated from parents

Handling displays, generators, tables and other equipment

Unsupervised access to children

Fire and bomb threats

Physical and verbal aggression from participants


Car parking will be planned and those guiding cars in will wear hi-visibility clothing.

Displays, gazebos, etc. should be assembled in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Displays, including guy ropes, must not protrude into walk ways. Highlight guy ropes.

Displays should be assembled before public are admitted to site and dismantled after they depart.

Information and meeting point should be provided and clearly signed.

Locate loading/unloading point to minimise distances for equipment to be carried.

Demonstrate safe lifting and handling techniques.

If available, use wheelbarrows and other handling aids to move heavier items.

Ensure routes for transporting tools and materials are kept clear.

Activities involving children to be in full view of others.

Brief volunteers working with children on safe working practices

Keep walk ways clear of rubbish, cables and other items

Check walk ways frequently throughout event to ensure no build up of rubbish

Prepare evacuation plan and brief all volunteers on its contents.

Avoid volunteers working in isolation.

If confronted be conciliatory, avoid aggravating situation; be prepared to walk away.

PPE:  Items needed may vary according to the activities.

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