Tool store

Generic Risk Assessment Assessment: Tool Store Use

Scope: [Activity Name]

Volunteer’s Tools: Volunteers bring their own tools which must be fit for purpose, at their own risk. The Group cannot accept any responsibility for a volunteer’s own tools unless by prior agreement.

Volunteer’s Dogs: Dogs should only be brought to sites where they will not disturb wildlife and other livestock and where it is acceptable to the management and other users of the site. Dogs are brought at the owner’s own risk, the group cannot accept any responsibility for their wellbeing.

Typical groups at risk Volunteers; other site users; general public Typical uncontrolled outcomes Slips and trips; strained muscles; scratches to face and head; inflammation of joints; puncture wounds; cuts and lacerations; blood borne infections


Tools not correctly stored

(Slips, trips and falls, falling items)

Poisons, chemicals
Ingestion of or Exposure to hazardous substances

Mechanical equipment


Fire risk Assessment carried out

All fire appliances checked and working

Equipment PAT tested.

Max of 5 litres of fuel to be kept in fuel store

Store fuel in clearly marked containers in a set and marked area, away from other flammables

Store vent to be checked prior to entry

Fire drill in line with FC.

Full egress available from building.

Emergency lighting working refuse kept to a minimum.

Inflammables stored correctly.

Staff training.

No smoking.

Risks minimised by constant environment review.

Staff Training.

Use of health & safety manual.

Wet floor sign present.

Floor areas kept clear.

Adoption of ‘what does good look like’

Use of steps discouraged by low level storage. If used, steps should be supported by colleague

Displays secure.

No products stored at height.

Hire equipment stored securely in robust stands manufactured for purpose.

Do not eat or store food in the tool store.

Store all hazardous substances in a separate, locked container.

Chemicals kept away from public

Chemicals stored correctly

Data sheets held on site

Skin safety centre available to staff

Gloves, masks and glasses available to staff.

Use of correct containers.

Training in tool use
Equipment to be maintained as per manufacturers instructions
Annual servicing of equipment to be carried out by a competent organisation / accredited individualand a record of servicing maintained
Tool inspection before use
Blade guards in place when moving sharp edged tools
Tools stored safely.
Tools conform to puwer regs.
Tools not left on counters or in public areas.
Only competent persons to be able to use power tools.
Tools regularly maintained / replaced to ensure integrity.

PPEGoggles; Hard hats; gloves….
Items needed will vary according to the task.