Teignside Insect Revolution Meeting
Hedgehog stuff

Hedgehog poo:

This are variable, depending on what they have found to eat, but generally share some common characteristics:

  • Usually black or dark brown
  • Roughly sausage shaped
  • 1.5cm to 5cm long
  • Often contain the body parts of insects such as beetles, which can give it a glistening, almost metallic appearance.

Detecting Hedgehogs using Footprint Tunnels:

Guidance from PTES

Dormouse stuff:

Dormice weave their own nests (often in brambles or other shrubs) from strips of honeysuckle barkor a similar plant, surrounded by a layer of green leaves.

Dormouse footprint:

Footprint tunnels - People's Trust for Endangered Species
Photo: PTES

Using Tetra Pak footprint tunnels:

Teeth marks in nuts:

hazel nuts chewed dormice wood mouse bank vole
Hazel nuts are chewed differently by dormice, wood mice and bank voles. Photo credit: PTES

Bee-friendly seeds:

Seed map
Map of sellers of certified organic seeds:
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