UK Bat Week

Here you will find the content the Wild at Home team has created for UK Bat Week 2020.

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Percy the pipistrelle has been in care with Hampshire Bat Carer, Frances Morris. We join him at the end of his rehabilitation journey to say goodbye as Percy undertakes his examination to rejoin the outdoor bat world.
Bats are like marmite- you either love them or hate them. Here at Wild Ideas, we love them! And we want to tell you why bats are amazing creatures. So, we’re going to bust some bat myths!
Bats are wild creatures and their care is almost always undertaken in the hope of a successful release. Not all bats are able to be rehabilitated and may stay in care if they are generally healthy and able to live a good life. The release is the final stage of successful care and treatment for a fit and healthy bat.

Here Claire Andrews of CA Ecology in Hampshire talks us through the bittersweet process of saying goodbye to these gorgeous guests. Thank you to CA Ecology for kind permission to publish their footage.
The Grey Long-eared Bat (Plecotus austriacus) is one of the UK’s most threatened s.pecies, living along a thin coastal strip of Southern England. With massive losses of the grasslands on which they rely, there could be as few as 1,000 individuals left. Find out more about this incredible tiny flying mammal and what you can do to help with its conservation.

Edited and produced by Alex Collins.
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