Connecting with nature from home

Nature has long been known to lift our mood and during the last year the power of nature to improve our spirits has never been more important. However, Coronavirus has delivered new mental challenges and at the same time lockdowns have meant the opportunities to immerse ourselves in the natural world have become scarce.

The need to provide adequate green space for nature and ourselves is something Wild Ideas continues to actively promote, but we can sit back on our sofas and let the wonders of modern technology bring nature direct to us.

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Spiders on lockdown

Whilst they may not be many people’s idea of a perfect housemate, there are a number of spider species that happily make our home their own. Some of these may cause us a slight shiver or involuntary gasp as they suddenly appear running across the floor or when we shift the sofa, others however would struggle to worry even the most committed arachnophobe.

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