Gardening for butterflies

Do you want to make your garden, allotment or balcony the ideal destination for butterflies?

Our new guide: How to make a butterfly-friendly garden gives you lots of tips and ideas to make your outdoor space a pollinator paradise.

Download and keep by clicking here:

Adobe file: 650kb

You can also view the YouTube video that accompanies our butterfly feeder guide:

Become a Wild Champion and attract butterflies to your garden with a sweet treat. Wild at Home Officer, Lauren shows you how to make a colourful butterfly feeder for your garden.

This is so easy even your parents could do it, so grab some card, markers, sticky tape, glue, a stick and a bottle cap to make your feeder. You’ll need some scissors, too, but make sure you’ve got an adult with you so you can show them how it’s done properly and safely. For the food, you’ll need sugar, water and some cotton wool. Got all that? Great – click play to find out how!
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