The Urban Scavenger Hunt

Your garden, the local park or while out on walks are all perfect for an urban nature scavenger hunt. The idea is simple – you discover the nature in your town or city by exploring crooks and looking at unusual times.

For example, try an evening walk to see some of our favourite nocturnal mammals, foxes and hedgehogs, or sunny spaces with some plant life give you the best chances of seeking out butterflies.

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Planning Your Environmental Education Programme

This article was written for CJS Focus on Environmental Education & Outdoor Activities

This article is designed to help you to take the first steps towards designing your environmental education programme. This is a huge area, but don’t forget, Wild Ideas can help without cost to your organisation.

The health and the breadth of our ecosystems is in steep decline. Species are becoming endangered and extinct at an alarming rate. And at the forefront of our battle with the degradation of nature is the environmental educator.

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The Dandelion

The country’s most recognisable yellow compound flower, great for pollinators and a fantastic splash of colour in our gardens, on verges and fields, everywhere… but what else can we do with it? Our Wild at Home Officer, Martin, explores this fantastic plant in more detail…