How to Make a Bug Hotel!

Produce the perfect stack of habitats in your own garden to attract useful and interesting invertebrates. And perhaps a hedgehog!

Chocolate mining bee (Andrena scotica ) – male

In the UK, an average garden is home to more than 2,000 species of insect. Many of these insects are useful to the hobbyist gardener, controlling those pesky bugs that can cause damage to our cherished plant life.

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What is a Habitat?

We’ve all heard of the concept of ‘habitats’. But what are they?

Every plant, animal, or micro-organism has evolved to survive in a particular area. This ‘area’ is its habitat. We’ve got some examples below!

Image Copyright: Lydia Cave

Red Squirrels have long tails for balance, and sharp claws for climbing. So, they match their habitat of coniferous woodland.
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Planning Your Environmental Education Programme

This article was written for CJS Focus on Environmental Education & Outdoor Activities

This article is designed to help you to take the first steps towards designing your environmental education programme. This is a huge area, but don’t forget, Wild Ideas can help without cost to your organisation.

The health and the breadth of our ecosystems is in steep decline. Species are becoming endangered and extinct at an alarming rate. And at the forefront of our battle with the degradation of nature is the environmental educator.

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